Monday, July 20, 2009

Fatigued fatuousness

I'm very tired. Exhausted. I've been on the computer all day. Mostly piddling. I did a few interesting things on there, though. Just nothing terribly productive, perhaps. But, as I said, a few interesting or useful things.

It's now almost midnight and I really should just go to bed. I have this ritual which I'm trying to get into doing lately, and that is to do Sufi prayer/prostrations before I retire. So here I am barely able to type, really (although indeed here I am doing so) -- but what I really should be doing is to do my religious whateveritis and go to bed.

Alright. Goodnight.

* - * - *
Hey, I just did the title of this one; it's pretty good! (Maybe it makes the post?)

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