Monday, July 20, 2009

Mormon young woman who's a stand-up comic

This blog is turning out to be very important to me/for me. It really is revealing of who I am! And I feel a sense of accomplishment in writing it.

Love it!

Following up from my last post: I did do my Sufi prayer and prostrations. And I feel a sense of accomplishment (and even holiness, truth be told) from that. And now I'm back writing another post here before I go to bed.

Cos I wanna explain a little what I did online today, is why.

I saw this Mormon young-woman comedian YouTube clip ( ) and read a thread about her in the Mormon blogosphere (called the Bloggernacle) about her ( ).

I relate with her cos I'm likewise of her Mormon background, and, likewise to her, I was used to feeling in a minority position, also, in relation to others of my religious background.

( ...I would explain this more clearly, perhaps, but I'm dead tired and really should be in bed.)

Alienation, yet finding a niche.

That's the feeling.

A sense of comradeship with others of my background. But not such comradeship generally with them.

And the same type of thing in relation to those not of my background.

(Fortunately, this late-late evening, I have my tiredness to blame for the poor exposition with regard to my whateveritis I at least tried to explain here.)

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