Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Must write daily (I hope to start to/continue to), alas!

Well, it's the next day. I'm still a bit tired though. Hmmm.... O well.

I did read another thread by the young humorist girl who shares my religious background, though: in which she was talking about disciplining herself to write. (It was some type of interview.) She said something along the lines of, Ya wake up, ya pee, and ya write. Which I, myself, am doing, too! So that's good. (Through my haziness. What's wrong with me, I wonder?!)

I did click to a Mormon themed group blog. The one called Times and Seasons. There was an interesting (I think; I just glanced at it) post by an author there whose intellect and spirituality -- and, I guess, personality and way of being -- has always impressed me. It was about his running in the morning and the beauty of his surroundings and something to do with his connecting this experience with his belief in God and/or his spirituality. (Remember, I didn't really read his post. (Cos, for one thing, I'm still feeling very groggy, for whatever reasons (alas!)))

Well, folks, I have to shower and move a car to the other side of the street before the street cleaner is due to come (and in order to save myself getting a ticket for parking there (which I've gotten several of, in the last year, actually (alas!))