Monday, July 20, 2009

Religio-/poli- IDentities

Religion: I am an agnostic-theist and idiosyncratically schismatic ("former"?) "Latter Day Saint" whose organized participation and practice of religion would actually seem to be something more aligned with those of (fairly freethinking?) Sufis.

Politics: I'm probably mostly knee-jerk liberal but I'm interested in the philosophical opinions of folks who calling themselves such things as libertarian too. Eg one guy's political self-identification intrigues me, when he says (from here ):
In the past, I have called myself an "anarchist", "decentralist leftist", "small l libertarian", "reactionary radical (to take a term from Bill Kauffman)", "paleo-liberal", "extreme localist", "Old Right individualist" and probably a number of other things I am forgetting. I have never repudiated any of these other terms and in fact I believe that they all basically mean the same thing.


(Oh & BTW, here's my user page on Wikipedia!):

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