Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Saw my sister, while she visited her son's family in the city nearby. It was so so nice to see her and talk with her.

Since then I've been studying a teensy bit of Arabic. (As in the sound of the letters, is all.)
Today I couldn't find my car key for the longest time. It had fallen off its ring. I finally found it sitting on the patterned carpet in the hallway, after I had torn apart just about everywhere, looking for it.
My younger sis has visited this blog and even left a comment. How nice!
Love to all and to all a good night. Until next time, this is

--- just me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Benji Le Barón

Made a Wikipedia article about

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recluse (comma) being a

I went to move my car this morning and I'm soaking wet from rain. (It's actually early afternoon, but I just woke up.) The thing is, I feel more woken up from the rain and slightly less groggy than before. What's with my general lack of energy, I wonder, though?

So now I'm going to take my shower, do an early afternoon Sufi prostrations-and-prayers event. And after that I may continue memorizing the English translations of the names of the 64 I Ching symbols/hexagrams. We'll see.

My sister (I've six of them and a neice who was raised by my parents; so she's the one just older than the sister that's just older than me) is in New York visiting her son and his family and she called me while I was still asleep this morning. I should call her back and arrange when I should stop by and visit with them, I guess. (I have a screening appointment for a study tomorrow morning too. And she leaves the area the day after tomorrow.)

Also a friend of mine called, a woman I do errands for and who taught me how to massage. (For me to know very well how to massage now, I mean! She's a massage therapist.) And whose house I used to live at. Anyway, I called her back and said hi but I didn't arrange to hang out with her, either.

So what I'm saying in this is that I'm basically doing the recluse thing. Which is good for writing, I guess. Right? And I may well end up visiting my sister after my screen tomorrow, anyway.

Hmmm... maybe I should at least give her a courtesy call now though. I guess I am only reluctant to since I --- since I --- {sighs} I just don't know!

Must write daily (I hope to start to/continue to), alas!

Well, it's the next day. I'm still a bit tired though. Hmmm.... O well.

I did read another thread by the young humorist girl who shares my religious background, though: in which she was talking about disciplining herself to write. (It was some type of interview.) She said something along the lines of, Ya wake up, ya pee, and ya write. Which I, myself, am doing, too! So that's good. (Through my haziness. What's wrong with me, I wonder?!)

I did click to a Mormon themed group blog. The one called Times and Seasons. There was an interesting (I think; I just glanced at it) post by an author there whose intellect and spirituality -- and, I guess, personality and way of being -- has always impressed me. It was about his running in the morning and the beauty of his surroundings and something to do with his connecting this experience with his belief in God and/or his spirituality. (Remember, I didn't really read his post. (Cos, for one thing, I'm still feeling very groggy, for whatever reasons (alas!)))

Well, folks, I have to shower and move a car to the other side of the street before the street cleaner is due to come (and in order to save myself getting a ticket for parking there (which I've gotten several of, in the last year, actually (alas!))

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mormon young woman who's a stand-up comic

This blog is turning out to be very important to me/for me. It really is revealing of who I am! And I feel a sense of accomplishment in writing it.

Love it!

Following up from my last post: I did do my Sufi prayer and prostrations. And I feel a sense of accomplishment (and even holiness, truth be told) from that. And now I'm back writing another post here before I go to bed.

Cos I wanna explain a little what I did online today, is why.

I saw this Mormon young-woman comedian YouTube clip ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBvVBXpV8tI ) and read a thread about her in the Mormon blogosphere (called the Bloggernacle) about her ( http://www.motleyvision.org/2009/will-elna-baker-get-respect/ ).

I relate with her cos I'm likewise of her Mormon background, and, likewise to her, I was used to feeling in a minority position, also, in relation to others of my religious background.

( ...I would explain this more clearly, perhaps, but I'm dead tired and really should be in bed.)

Alienation, yet finding a niche.

That's the feeling.

A sense of comradeship with others of my background. But not such comradeship generally with them.

And the same type of thing in relation to those not of my background.

(Fortunately, this late-late evening, I have my tiredness to blame for the poor exposition with regard to my whateveritis I at least tried to explain here.)


I don't know how to edit after I publish these posts, yet, so what I've posted thus far has its typos and punctuation errors (and whatever), left just the way I published em. And maybe that's good. In that it might (it's hoped!) encourage me to start proofreading better before I hit my PUBLISH button, right?

I read over the above before I even thought about going ahead and hit PUBLISH: te-dah! (Howdya spellte-dah?)

Fatigued fatuousness

I'm very tired. Exhausted. I've been on the computer all day. Mostly piddling. I did a few interesting things on there, though. Just nothing terribly productive, perhaps. But, as I said, a few interesting or useful things.

It's now almost midnight and I really should just go to bed. I have this ritual which I'm trying to get into doing lately, and that is to do Sufi prayer/prostrations before I retire. So here I am barely able to type, really (although indeed here I am doing so) -- but what I really should be doing is to do my religious whateveritis and go to bed.

Alright. Goodnight.

* - * - *
Hey, I just did the title of this one; it's pretty good! (Maybe it makes the post?)