Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recluse (comma) being a

I went to move my car this morning and I'm soaking wet from rain. (It's actually early afternoon, but I just woke up.) The thing is, I feel more woken up from the rain and slightly less groggy than before. What's with my general lack of energy, I wonder, though?

So now I'm going to take my shower, do an early afternoon Sufi prostrations-and-prayers event. And after that I may continue memorizing the English translations of the names of the 64 I Ching symbols/hexagrams. We'll see.

My sister (I've six of them and a neice who was raised by my parents; so she's the one just older than the sister that's just older than me) is in New York visiting her son and his family and she called me while I was still asleep this morning. I should call her back and arrange when I should stop by and visit with them, I guess. (I have a screening appointment for a study tomorrow morning too. And she leaves the area the day after tomorrow.)

Also a friend of mine called, a woman I do errands for and who taught me how to massage. (For me to know very well how to massage now, I mean! She's a massage therapist.) And whose house I used to live at. Anyway, I called her back and said hi but I didn't arrange to hang out with her, either.

So what I'm saying in this is that I'm basically doing the recluse thing. Which is good for writing, I guess. Right? And I may well end up visiting my sister after my screen tomorrow, anyway.

Hmmm... maybe I should at least give her a courtesy call now though. I guess I am only reluctant to since I --- since I --- {sighs} I just don't know!